“My childhood home”

photo credit: Beth Woodman Pearce

My childhood home


On a curve, on an old dirt road

Stood an old colonial house


As it had stood for nearly two centuries

It was a rather plain house


A home filled with eight children

Close to the woods and near a swimming hole


Woods to roam and explore

Old stone walls and a cellar hole


A child could run free without a care

Riding bikes and walking river banks


Digging up old cans

Broken glass and half rotted planks


Imagining what it was like before

Before he came to be


When horse and buggy traveled the road

Did they see the wonder he could see


What was it like when the boy in the tri-cornered hat lived there

Or the lady with the high collared blouse


Past tenants of the old house


She walked the floors and front porch too

He ran in the yard to and fro


They shared my childhood home

Are they there or did they go


Do those that live there now know the past

Or are they unaware


After all this was someone else’s childhood home

That now rests in their care


© 2017 Leo J Woodman



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