Sunset and silhouettes” a poem

“Sunset and silhouettes”


Travelling westward, the howl of the pavement under my wheels

The heat of the day fading with the sun


Mountainous silhouettes rise before me

Growing ever darker as evening comes


Stark lines against the reddening backdrop

Darkness settling all around


The bright orange orb melting

Becoming one with the ground


A summer day coming to a close

Scorching heat slowly abating


Soon all that was at rest will come to life

Cooler air calls out creatures from their waiting


God’s creation alive and vivid

As the coyote calls


Sunset and silhouettes a starky beauty

Light giving way to night’s  caul


Darkness covers the landscape

Nocturnal life abounds


Gentle breezes sweeping through

Singing brilliantly with night sounds


All these images fill my imagination

As miles of sun-baked pavement fall behind


The open road a black ribbon winding onward

Over mountains, through deep valleys it winds

© 2017 Leo J Woodman







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