“Peaceful Oasis”

“Peaceful Oasis”

A meandering trail winds down into the canyon, into a dry sandy wash

Lizards darting here and there, they lead the way as they dash

The walls grow ever higher as we descend

More desert beauty appears around each bend

The beauty of creation all around

Bird songs, footsteps, the wind are the only sounds

Cacti cling precariously to the canyon walls

Short prickly pear and saguaro tall

Boulders scattered all about

Moved by water rushing in and out

Going past an abandoned mine

Our eyes fall upon a sight sublime

Green grass and wet ground

Small yellow butterflies abound

We have reached the peaceful oasis

A God provided place of stasis

Warm water bubbling forth from the canyon wall

Filling a pool so inviting to all

Here amongst the sand and gravel

We found the goal of our travel

A resting place to consider God’s providence

We linger awhile before returning to our place of entrance

We have basked in the warm water and sun

All provided by the the Holy One

Ascending now, moving away

Thoughts of returning again someday

© 2017 Leo J Woodman


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