“christian” superiority


For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.

-The Apostle Paul-

Humility is a good Christian quality, superiority is not. We as followers of Christ should not think too highly about ourselves, after all we only stand because of what Jesus has done for us. We have nothing to feel superior about, we are saved by God’s grace, not our goodness. We should be judging ourselves with sober judgment rather than elevating ourselves.

God has given us all measure faith. He is not a respecter of persons. He does not elevate one over another, we are all one in Christ. We should not feel superior because of our standing in Christ, we should be humbled by it. When we think of ourselves as we ought to, we will think better of others.

© 2017 Leo J Woodman


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