“An old wooden table”


“An old wooden table”

(Dedicated to Warren & Marie Hazelton, giants in the Faith)

A dining room table made of old floorboards

Who knows how old the the tree was that yielded those boards

The old boards were part of a floor a long while

Repurposed as a table, given as a gift

The word of God shared around that table for many a year

A table that fed both stomach, and soul

A monument to a couple, of great character

A couple of unending love, and compassion

I feel privileged to possess this treasure

It was gifted from them, to my family

I raised my family around the old wooden table

Sat there and talked with my children for hours

Shared the table with all that came to us

Strangers became family around that table

Yes it’s just an old wooden table

Well worn and even a little crooked

But, it possesses a beauty

The beauty of fellowship sweet

It has traveled more than many people

From the foothills of Maine, to her shore

From the east to the west

At home now in the Arizona desert

The purpose of the old table continues

Meals, fellowship, and study too

Every time I sit at the old table I go back

Remembering all of the faces of those that have gathered round it

Thankful for everyone

And every event

The table where I have learned

And where I have taught

A table where I have written many words

Shared with world God’s word

Just an old wooden table

Oh no, much, much more

© 2016 Leo J. Woodman


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