“Where is your heart?”


“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”



I just shared a lesson on this subject this past Sunday evening, and it has stuck with me ever since. I keep asking myself, where is my treasure and where is my heart? Are they where they should? Should I reevaluate what my priorities in this life, and the one to come? The answer is yes.

All of us have many different treasures in this life; money, things, careers, causes, and even people. Plus many, many other things that we value. But the reality is, that we cannot as followers of Jesus value anyone, or anything higher than Jesus. He is our teacher, and our master. He has saved us and pointed us toward heaven. We need to be storing up our treasures there.

Jesus had many hard teachings about what needed to be given up to follow him. Many chose to hold onto those treasures of this life rather than follow him. We have to ask ourselves if we are doing the same thing. If we are, we need to choose. We need to decide where our treasures, and our hearts are. We cannot serve two masters. We must serve him.

© 2016 Leo J.Woodman


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