“Hurt By The Church”

hurt by the church

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”



Too many people base their relationship with the Lord on their relationship with people. The results is, that things go well right up until people let them down. Then they let go of their relationship with the Lord, rather than work on the relationship with the people that have let them down. There really is no sense in losing one’s salvation over hurt feelings, but it does happen. Why?

The problem is a two way street. Too many people base their faith in the people of the church, rather than in the Lord. This is especially true of the one who leads someone to the Lord. The new believer puts far too much faith in the one that led them to Christ. This is because not enough of us let new disciples know that what they have decide to do is to follow Jesus, not us, and not the people of the church. It must be stressed that they are becoming a disciple of Jesus the Christ, and that he is to be the focus of their faith and allegiance.

Obviously Jesus will not hurt a member of his own body. But, we fellow members of the body of Christ are fallible and can cause hurt to others. All too often the way hurt is dealt with is to blame “the church”, rather than address the hurt with the one that hurt us. The bible tells us we are to go to the one we feel offended by and deal with them directly. (Matthew 18:17) We are also told to forgive those that sin against us or “hurt us”. (Matthew 6:14,15) So when one leaves the church because of hurt, they are inflicting more harm on themselves and separating themselves from God, by not forgiving the offence of another, or the church as a whole. The unforgiving party is sinning, and remains unforgiven themselves.

Most people shy away from confrontation, but the Bible plainly teaches we are to confront sin in our own life, as well as the sins of others. Communication within the body of believers is hugely important. It is important that we learn to communicate in a Christ like manner rather than retreating when we are hurt. Satan wins when we run away.


© 2016 Leo J. Woodman



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