“Modern versions of the Bible and divorce”


I heard someone say the other day that modern translations of the Bible is why divorce is so prevalent even among christians today. The point was that the language of the newer versions is too weak on defining adultery and the sin that it is. While the language of the modern version may not be the same as older versions, the message is still the same. The reasons people divorce today are the same today as they have always been, lust and hardheartedness.

Older versions of the Bible use the word fornication as the only acceptable reason for divorce. Many “modern” versions use the term sexual immorality. Both terms mean the same thing. Both terms refer to any sexual activity outside the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. Both terms are broad in their scope of what is considered unacceptable sexual behavior in the sight of God.

The problem with christians divorcing is not the version of the Bible they read, it is a heart problem. It is a heart that lust after another. It is a heart that is hard toward the one they should love above all others but God. It is the ungodly heart that does not accept God’s plan for the marriage covenant. It is the selfish heart that wants what it wants.

Changing versions of the Bible is not the final answer on the issue. Only a change of heart will make the difference. Only accepting God’s will in our lives is the answer.


© Leo J. Woodman



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