“Being a disciple”


“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”


Making disciples was Jesus command to His apostles. They were to go and make disciples of Jesus. They were to baptize them into Jesus, and then teach them His ways. The early disciples didn’t need to worry about anything other than learning to be like Jesus.

Most of the letters to the disciples written later were intended to remind them what it meant to be like Jesus, and that they needed to continue in His ways. They were not to let the ways of the world and religion to creep back into their lives and their assemblies.

The message is the same today… we are to make disciples of Jesus, baptize them, and teach them Jesus’ teachings. It is our duty to call people to Jesus and His teachings. Although we haven’t walked with Jesus as the apostles did, we do have the Gospels. The Gospels are full of Jesus teachings, His interactions with people and His examples of how to live faithfully in a corrupt world.

Let’s make disciples of the Way. “I am the way, and the truth and the life” Jesus. Let’s teach Jesus.


© 2016  Leo J. Woodman



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