“RISEN” A review



A Review

I have been anticipating the release of “RISEN” for some time now. I heard from some folks last week that it was a great movie. I was able to see “RISEN” yesterday. It did not disappoint. I would recommend seeing it before it leaves the theaters.

This film is a great piece of christian fiction. It gives the viewer the opportunity to look at the resurrection of Jesus, through an unbelievers eyes immediately following the events of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection.  Many of us have often wondered what it would be like to be around when our Lord was resurrected. This movie brings our imaginings to life.

Both friendly, and hostile witnesses share their stories in this narrative of events surrounding the greatest event of all time. It is a well developed and acted story. This film will bolster your faith, courage, and your evangelistic spirit to share the Gospel with everyone. Matthew 28:19-20

February 27, 2016    Leo J. Woodman


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