“Occasionally Wrong?”


There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.

Psalm 14:12


A statement I read recently, disturbed me a great deal. “The Bible is like GPS. A brilliant guide. All-knowing. Occasionally wrong.” This is part of the 2016 “Still Speaking” 2.0 campaign for the united church of Christ. The arrogance of such a statement took me aback. Going from God is still speaking, to He is occasionally wrong is a huge leap. One can’t even call it a leap of faith, because it is a statement of faithlessness. It is a plunging leap into darkness.

To tell the seekers of the world that word of God is occasionally wrong, it is telling those seeking God that He is fallible and can’t be trusted. If that were truly the case, then God would be no God at all. Having been led astray by my GPS many times in the past, the comparison of the word of God to a GPS is profoundly offensive.

The message that the Bible is occasionally wrong is incredibly misleading. I would dare say, those that have formulated this deceptive message are more akin to a GPS than the Bible they compare it to. They are wrong, and are leading people in the wrong direction. When I read this statement from UCOC I was reminded of a friend’s experience following her GPS…

She was driving home late one night and was unsure of the way home from where she had been, so she programmed her home address into the GPS and began following its directions home. After leading her down secondary roads, then back country roads it led her to a dirt road that climbed steadily up a mountain. When the road became nearly impassable she became worried and called her husband. After he had asked her about her about the route the GPS had sent her on, he realized right where she was and told her to turn around and go back. He told her that road she was on led right to the edge of a cliff. Fortunately she would not have been able to drive all the way to the point of going over the edge, but that was where the GPS was sending her.

The statement by UCOC that the Bible is occasionally wrong is just as misleading, and dangerously wrong as my friends GPS was. Such misinformation will lead to eternal consequences for those that believe it. Just as the GPS was leading my friend through the darkness to a dangerous place, so does the statement of the UCOC.

© 2016 Leo J. Woodman


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