“He sits alone” A poem

in a wheelchair

He sits alone

In a wheelchair now, growing ever weaker

He sits alone

Children gone, and family far away

He sits alone

Memories fading and thoughts confused

He wanders the halls

Wheeling past others oblivious to his passing

He wanders the halls

In his eyes you see his pain

Life will never be the same again

He wants to escape, to be free again

Free from this place, to walk proud again

He asks, when will this be

When will I be free

When will I walk out that door

When will I be free

Some day you say, as you look away

Some day, but not today

You pray for the Lord to take all this away

To set him free someday

It’s time to go, he’s tired now

He’s given all he has to give for now

You turn to leave, you’re tired now

To return soon is what you vow

You go back home

He sits alone

He waits for your return

He sits alone

2015 Leo J. Woodman


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