“McFarland USA” A Review


I went to see Mcfarland USA last week. It is a movie based on a true story about Jim White, and a team of hard working Latino students learning about each other, themselves, their community, and what hard work can accomplish. What a great movie. I enjoyed it very much. It was a great reminder about what is important, people learning to appreciate each other as people. Learning to respect where each person is coming from. The message I got from the movie was; even though we may think we’re different from one another, deep down we’re all the same and we want the same things. We just need to learn to reach out, and trust in our shared humanity. Go see it.


One thought on ““McFarland USA” A Review

  1. Thanks Leo, I especially liked the See no Evil one about watching too much news-wish my husband would read it.ha. Mary


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