“Follow Me” A Review

follow me

What did Jesus really mean when he said FOLLOW ME?, Is a thought provoking booklet. David Platt does an excellent job of engaging the believer, or would be believer in thinking about what Jesus really meant when said to his disciples “Follow Me”.

Platt explores a subject that many christians may not consider, true discipleship. Today many believe that church attendance is all that is required of a follower of Jesus. For so many today being a christian is a part of who, and what they are, not the whole of their existence. Platt’s booklet challenges readers to reconsider this mindset.

He uses the example of Jesus closest disciples, the apostles, to show us what Jesus meant when he said “Follow Me”. They followed with an all in attitude. They gave their lives to following him and modeling their lives after his. Platt wants his readers to understand that is what Jesus wants from all that decide to follow him.

Outside of the fact that Platt implies that simply repenting, and learning about Jesus teachings and example in the Gospels is all that is necessary to become disciple of Jesus the booklet is a good tool to help stimulate the reader to action.

I would recommend anyone reading this booklet to also read the Book of Acts to see where, when and how the Apostles began making the first disciples after Jesus ascension. See in the Book of Acts how the Apostles fulfilled the Great Commission of Matthew 28.


© 2015 Leo J. Woodman


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