“Exodus Gods and Kings” A Review



If you’re looking for this movie to be true to the Bible you will be extremely disappointed. A lot of creative license was taken by the writers. The movie left me frustrated with the way many of the scenes from the Exodus account were portrayed. God was portrayed as an impetuous young boy.  All the plagues of the exodus account were explained away as starting with a plague of crocodiles in a feeding frenzy killing people and one another bloodying the Nile, killing the fish, driving the frogs from the river, the frogs then die, and cause a plague of maggots, flies and so on. When it comes to the giving of the Ten Commandments “God” had Moses chiseling the tablets, and they were discussing whether or not they were in agreement on the commandements. These are just a few places in the movie where the writers tried to improve on the Bible narrative.

Once again hollywood has produced a movie that will spark conversation concerning God and His word. But, it will also add fuel to the fire for those that believe God to be a mean, self centered deity that ruthlessly punishes those that disobey him.

Cinematically a good film. Biblically a huge flop, and insult to God and His word.

© 2015


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