Casandra Martin

The rain poured down in sheets. Thunder cracked and lightning peeled across the sky. Everything was wet. Puddles were rapidly spreading out into ponds. The steel grey sky still carried the weight of many raindrops. The thunderstorm wasn’t ending any time soon.

I took a deep breath and pulled up the hood on my raincoat. With my hands full, an umbrella was a luxury I couldn’t manage. Getting wet seemed inevitable as I looked at my supplies and measured the distance from the car to the door.

Facing into the car in order to gather my belongings, I didn’t see her. I turned around and there she stood, umbrella in hand. Covering me, she walked with me from the car to the door. After giving me a hug, she whispered a word of encouragement and ran back to her car.

Her act of kindness did more than protect me from…

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