Missing Home

Are you feeling a little off today? Read this.

Casandra Martin

She called home to touch base. She hadn’t felt well for a couple of days and was feeling a little homesick. “I just can’t put my finger on it. I feel off.” “I know what it is,” I replied. “You miss your momma.” She laughed. That is my answer for every time my kids are having an off day. Missing home can just make you feel out of kilter. We talked a few minutes more and she headed off to work. Our conversation, however, has resonated with me all day.

Sometimes our hearts ache and we just can’t put our finger on why. We have an unanswerable longing for something that we can’t quite name. We chalk it up to being busy, tired, stressed, or a lack of chocolate. The truth, however, may be soul deep. Maybe we are missing home.

The truth is we don’t fit here. We walk…

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