The Brave and the Bold



Thesis- A reminder that the Christian is to be “bold as a lion”, even in these times where we are so often pressured to be silent.

Base text-Proverbs 28:1

In the second century A.D. there was a Christian by the name of Polycarp. Polycarp was a writer, theologian, and acquaintance of the apostle John. However, what he is best remembered for is not his accomplishments in life, but his death. Polycarp lived during a time when the Roman Government was violently pushing the idea that the Roman emperor was God on earth, a time when Romans had grown intolerant of Christians speaking out against them in the name of the one, true God. The Roman empire decided to offer an ultimatum of sorts to the Christians of that day; they could either come and burn incense to the Roman emperor, acknowledging him as God and thereby renouncing Jesus Christ OR…

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