The Right Way To Judge

Great thought on judging properly.


gavel “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with righteous judgment.” -John 7:24

All the time, people are complaining about everyone else being so judgmental, and always judging others, but the truth is that even that is a judgment, and that it is impossible not to judge anyone. The thing is that we have to be careful about how we judge. See, there are two different kinds of judgment. There’s the judgment of right and wrong, where we judge whether something is good for us to do, or whether or not someone should be doing a certain thing. This is righteous judgment. But then there’s unrighteous judgment, which is where we judge by appearance, and we don’t look at the whole story, try to condemn, etc. Now, these are often confused because the Bible does say in John 3:5 that whoever isn’t born again cannot enter the kingdom. So, obviously we…

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