Guest Editorial: The Single Minister

Great thoughts on single ministers. There is no biblical reason not to have a single man in the pulpit.

The Moving Word


[Editor’s Note: About 20 years ago at one of my first try-outs as a graduate of the Master of Ministry program at Freed-Hardeman University, I was told that a congregation would hire me if I were married. You don’t forget such moments and ever since then, I have been an advocate for men who are single being allowed into the ministry. Stan Mitchell does an excellent job arguing for that very thing. Please take notice of his message.]

by Stan Mitchell

“For a man to remain a bachelor, he must either keep a cool head, or cold feet.”

Barnabas, Jeremiah, Paul, Jesus Christ. What do these men have in common? They were single ministers. Bachelors who served the Lord.

It fascinates me how resistant the church is today to the idea of a single man in the ministry. I don’t know how many church members say, “We prefer our preacher…

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