“God’s not dead” review

God’s not dead, is a good movie. I enjoyed it, but was let down by some points in the movie. All in all, a movie with a good message.

The main thrust of the movie is to let the world know that God is not dead inspite of what science, philosophy and society might say. In the current environment of political correctness it’s refreshing to see that this message is getting out there.

The storyline of the main character was fairly well developed, but the stories of the minor characters were lacking.

As always with such films I found things that disappointed me, such as a deathbed confession and  the sinners prayer. To portray such things as what God wants from us is misleading at best. God wants obedience to his word and the deathbed confession should not be portrayed as one coming to true faith. Certainly the sinners prayer is not obedience, it can’t be because it simply doesn’t exist in the Bible.

I am thankful that faith based movies are being produced and played in local theaters. The message is getting out there that Christians are and will continue practice their faith despite the attempts of some to silence the Christian masses.

Invite someone to see it with you, it will give you a chance for some great conversation about God’s existence and what faith in God is.


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2 thoughts on ““God’s not dead” review

  1. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6, KJV).

    Thomas J.J. Altizer. . .Emory University. . . Does that ring a bell?

    This website mentions several other sources so it will probably help you remember what happened if you have forgotten, or never knew. You may be able to find the Time Magazine or other publications during the time Altizer proposed his idea.

    The media at the time wrongly identified James D Bales as a member of the Church of God, who challenged Altizer to debate and later wrote a book about it. Actually J.D. Bales was a professor at Harding for years and became the object of great opposition in the church for what was known as the Bales doctrine on marriage! Originally, there was a rather disparaging article linked to The Georgia Encyclopedia about J. D. Bales’ “paperback denouncement” of Altizer. A friend sent a link to Bales’ book still in print but only selling for $0.02 a copy:

    It was unfortunate that most Christians at the time were ill-equipped to deal with such an onslaught. Would we or they be in any better position to argue today? Public school teachers and counselors, as well as professors in colleges and universities everywhere (even Christian schools) were teaching that man was the measure by which everything should be judged. It was the era of I’m OK; You’re OK. They said, “Man is God and God is dead.”

    Even though some claimed Altizer’s was a “pre-mature” philosophy, people were ripe for such teaching–perhaps vulnerable would be a better word. Judging from today’s profligate society, I would say the idea has flourished and borne fruit.

    Humanism has buried us–unless some small voice is willing to cry out of wrong. Who will meet the challenge?

    In His service,


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