3 of the Best Things you can do for your Preacher

Three important things to keep in mind. Preachers have needs too.

Cozort's Contemplations

There are very few things within the church more frequently discussed than the relationships and responsibilities between preachers and members. Consequently, there have also been many articles, seminars, meetings and events from both perspectives seeking to help build those relationships to where God wants them to be. While many times, the focus falls upon what the preacher is, or is not, doing and what is, or is not, his responsibility (and rightfully so); there are also some things that need to be understood when it comes to a member’s relationship with the preacher. Consider with me 3 of the best things that you, as a member, can do for your preacher.

1. Love him. Believe it or not, preachers are people too! They have feelings, struggles, cares, and concerns just like everyone else. While we all intuitively recognize the need for loving one another within our families (both physical…

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