We all slip and need encouragement.

Casandra Martin

He called before ten o’clock in the morning and you could hear the tension in his voice. Ice covered the sidewalks at his school, and this morning it got the best of him. Three times he felt his legs slip out from underneath him. Three times, he fell with a hard thud to the ground. Shaken and bruised, he struggled to get back up and keep walking. The distance to his destination seemed to get longer and longer as the ice stretched out on the path before him. After a close encounter with a car slip-sliding on the ice, he reached his class and called home.

He needed some reassurance. He needed to share his fear, embarrassment, and worry. He was anxious about slipping again. We talked for a few minutes and then he went on to class. In the process, he taught me a lesson.

His phone call reminded…

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